Awards and Certifications

Kosher certification is a tool for differentiation and competitive positioning at an international level in a market characterized by constant growth. This certification is important to promote export. Spain is a large manufacturer and exporter of food products.

Kosher certification has a good reputation because it guarantees the quality of the products and represents a competitive advantage in large food distribution.

The certification process covers all aspects of food production, including everything from the ingredients used to the equipment used for production.

The advantages of having kosher certifications is the possibility of commercially penetrating a constantly growing market niche. More and more companies in the world of the food industry are looking for a Kosher certification, as it is a guarantee anywhere in the world, due to the exhaustive control that it has.

Awarded both in 2021 and 2022, with a gold medal in one of the most prestigious competitions in the world, held in Dubai and qualifying our oil as an EVOO of the highest quality.

This medal awarded by expert and professional tasters instills confidence in the national and international market.

We are very grateful for this new recognition that pushes us to continue working to give the best of our land.

Once again awarded a gold medal to one of the best EVOO in history in an international olive oil competition, held in Greece. Thus earning the respect of the most renowned judges of extra virgin olive oil.

As expected, an oil of Spanish origin and of course, located in one of the most famous regions for oil production, assumes an important role after a competition in which we totally distance ourselves from other EVOO producers with much less quality. .

Iber Oleum is the Guide to Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain.

Iber Oleum is the letter of introduction for anyone who wants to know and delve into our heritage treasure and its indisputable potential both nationally and internationally.

Cañada Del Avestruz EVOO