The best EVOO in history

Our olive trees arrived at our farm before us. They were there before our parents, our grandparents, our great-grandparents, our… Our olive trees have been in the Cañada farmhouse for more than three hundred years, some of them nearly five hundred years, producing an EVOO of Exceptional Quality, which, thanks to the vision and passion for the well done of our ancestors, the same objective has been maintained for entire generations, to produce and bottle one of the best Aove in the world.

That is us, the generation that has taken over and the responsibility of providing our olive trees with the best care and attention in all aspects, so that they alone can continue to feed themselves in ecological environments, fattening their olives between torrid summer afternoons and icy autumn sunrises in the countryside of Porcuna. We can do little more than take care of them and pamper them for our olive trees, since they have been doing their job very well for centuries and we can teach them little. We enjoy helping them in their work and contemplating how wonderful and extraordinary the fruit of all this is.

We are the generation that has taken responsibility and is committed to defending and maintaining the purity and quality of the Aove Cañada del Avestruz, trying to bring the culture of the Aove to the whole world from its epicenter, which is in Jaén, and we want to be the generation to one day our children will thank us for the effort, dedication and necessary wisdom that we apply in everything we do for EVOO and to be able to leave future generations the marked path to continue maintaining the level of quality and care that one of the best deserves to receive. most precious gifts that mother nature can give us, the EVOO.

…and after all this, after several generations to come…. Our olive trees will continue here, in the same place and doing the same thing producing miracles every year in the month of October and hopefully maintaining the same quality line.

We bet on the can

At Cañada del Avestruz we do not produce or sell packaging. We produce one of the best Aove in the world and as our goal is to provide our customers with the best product in the best possible conditions, we pack it in the best material that exists to keep the properties of our Aove, the can, protected. Of course 100% recyclable

Circular economy

Cañada del Avestruz belongs to and participates in a circular economy initiative where we supply olive leaves to a company that uses them to make antioxidant drinks, biscuits with mushroom flour… and in turn, the remains of these infused leaves are They go to a company that produces alpacas for the cultivation of gourmet mushrooms and canned mushrooms a la carte, among other delicatessen.

The alpacas of mushrooms, which are discarded, return to our olive trees and serve as fertilizer, which makes it possible to close this circle of circular economy.

Cañada Del Avestruz EVOO